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I started out as a kid who wanted to be an astronaut. As a young adult I had an unfulfilling career in engineering and became the mother of two amazing humans. I birthed both naturally, one in hospital and one at home. I've breastfed for literal years. I found the gate-way drug to midwifery (doula) when I was pregnant with my first and accepted my calling as a midwife with my second. I've practiced extensively in home and birth center settings and delivered hundreds of babies. Over the years, I became a midwifery advocate and trained many students. When I became a school administrator I realized I could help even more students become certified. I've volunteered for many wonderful birth justice and midwifery organizations and have been part of writing state guidelines, refining laws, increasing Medicaid payments for licensed midwives, and getting birth center licensing in place. I had another amazing kid. I've had the honor of consulting on state and national midwifery policies, working as a facilitator for accreditors, universities, and small businesses. At some point, I realized that national organizations impact the most students, the culture of birth and midwifery in this country, and is where I choose to spend my energy. My calling is midwifery, my passion is making midwifery education accessible, midwifery services to culturally matched providers readily available, and the work sustainable.

I am a gifted...

  • activist pointed toward justice, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility.

  • facilitator of innovation.
  • storyteller, creating relationships and change through compassion and empathy.
  • generator of  multidisciplinary systems that work.

  • leader, passionate, balanced, flexible, & compassionate.

  • problem solver who leverages creative, strategic planning.

  • collaborator, focused on relationship building & clear communication.

  • qualitative researcher who listens to understand.

  • ethical and kind person who speaks with integrity.

  • advocate talented in maturing justice-focused policy & procedure.

  • collector of quantitative data with a love of tracking, assessing, & refining.


PhD Midwifery Research, 2020

National College of Midwifery

  • Descriptive Case Study of Actualizing a Social Justice Framework Within a MEAC-Accredited Midwifery Institution.

AS Midwifery, 2010

National College of Midwifery

  • Certified Professional Midwife

  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

MS Aerospace Sciences, 2002

University of Colorado, Boulder

BS Aerospace Engineering, 2000

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University


  • Inspiring growth, passion, and planning in individuals and organizations

  • Informed decision making

  • Inclusive and culturally sensitive interactions

  • Providing obstetric and well person health services to survivors of sexual abuse/assault

  • Facilitating care and counsel for those who suffer with postpartum mood disorders






Austin, TX


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