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Sustainable Midwifery means
Equitable Midwifery

Preserving midwifery as a human rights pillar requires a framework of belief that midwives must reimagine and step back into it's needed role as the initial and primary obstetric care provider in the US, honoring it's commitment to actionably addressing health disparities, championing sustainability and environmental mindfulness, ensuring equitable access to midwifery education and professional pathways, and above all, securing widespread access to excellent midwifery care for all birthing people.

An Approach to Midwifery Policy Making

Shaping an impactful policy and legal strategy demands a delicate balance of pragmatism and foresight. This journey begins with research and thoughtful analysis, unearthing intricate nuances. The process of intertwining these nuances should create a tapestry woven with inputs from a diverse array of stakeholders. How one walks the path matters, and an unwavering dedication to transparency and open dialogue nurtures trust, a required thread. The keystone to the process is flexibility — developing policy that addresses immediate hurdles and foresees far-reaching consequences and that can still gracefully pivot in response to the ever-evolving legal and healthcare landscape.

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