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Service as a Traveling Midwife

I embody a commitment to delivering comprehensive and compassionate care to expectant individuals and their families with a gift of quickly making meaningful connection with clients. While my standards of care are high, my approach is highly adaptable, and I bring a range of essential services to various communities. From prenatal care that nurtures the physical and emotional well-being of your clients, to attending home births that prioritize comfort and empowerment, I aim to create an environment of trust and support during this transformative journey while giving you the space you need to take a break. As a traveling midwife, I offer personalized childbirth education, helping families make informed choices that align with their values and preferences. Postnatal care is a cornerstone of my services, ensuring a smooth transition into parenthood through breastfeeding guidance, newborn care assistance, and emotional postpartum support. Additionally, being licensed in three states (VA, NM, and TX) and having extensive experience working in remote underserved areas as well as birth centers, I can continue your work with ease and championing the idea that every individual deserves access to respectful and safe birthing experiences. Through my years as a midwife and attendance at hundreds of births, I embrace the profound knowledge that it is a privilege to be invited by both client and midwife alike to be part of life's most remarkable moments. I do so while upholding the values of holistic care, empowerment, and inclusivity.

I am currently booked through 2023.

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