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Cassaundra's facilitation begins with a conversation, using the methods taught in Technology of Participation, to help 2 to 20 people work through a hard topic, develop short term plans or put into action long term strategies. The processes utilized help organizations contemplate, communicate and create cohesion by providing structured methods which recognize and honor the contributions of each team member efficiently analyzing data and combining individual contributions into larger overarching themes.


Full fees not including travel expenses are shown below, Austin non-profit organizations and minority ran organizations are always offered a 50% discount.

Cassaundra believes in the power of ToP Facilitation to help create positive change within our community; for this reason 1 free day (partials may be applied) of facilitation is offered to the community each quarter - just ask if any are available. 

focused conversations

Ever been in a conversation and have no idea the direction of the discussion? Or where someone excluded the contributions of everyone else with their dominate personality? Maybe people just keep on talking never really communicating?

Focused Conversations are useful when you (or your organization) have a desire to create meaningful dialogue, gain a broader perspective, elicit clear ideas and conclusions while allowing the entire group to participate.

Perfect for an intense discussion that simply must happen between individuals within a business or organization. Or perhaps you want help figuring out the dynamics of a community situation. Examples include peer review, business partnerships, or reviewing a current trend within your organization.

deep exploration

This is for a deeper exploration of a situation, examples include reflecting on past accomplishments or failures in order to create an opportunity for learning, focusing multiple interests on a specific topic, and exploring levels of consensus already present within a group. This service includes a full day of facilitation (half day available).

action planning;
building a short term roadmap

Have you ever been tasked with planning an event or project and had difficulties getting others to take responsibility for their part? Or maybe you never quite figured out what responsibilities where actually yours or what other people where doing (or not doing).

If your group is ready to launch a project and wants to make sure it starts out right by clarifying directions, aligning resources, designating leadership roles and responsibilities all while building team trust and support then Action Planning is right for you!

Action planning is used for creating short-term plans up to 1 year; it generally takes 1 day depending the loftiness of the group's goals, ideas or project. Examples of when this process would be helpful include planning the next year goals and actionable steps for a non-profit, community event, conference, publicity campaign, developing a multi-layered research plan, or jump-starting a stalled project (half day available).

consensus workshop;
create a shared vision

Have you ever been in a group where it seemed impossible to come to a decision? Where the vote was always evenly split with no common ground between the camps? Did it seem there was no way for the group to agree or reach consensus and compromise without people feeling like they had given up something important?


A Consensus Workshop is the choice when your group wants to generate creativity in a short time, infuse the team with a sense of responsibility, catalyze rational and intuitive thinking all while building practical team consensus.

This is a way for a group to come to a consensus in a short period of time through a collective, rational and intuitive step-by-step process. When consensus is reached participants feel their ideas, insights, perspectives, and wisdom have been honored and included in the final vision. Common applications of the Consensus Workshop include setting priorities, finding common ground among opposing views, and restructuring or realigning job functions (half day available).

strategic planning;
envisioning the future, setting long term goals

Are you part of an established team that wants to grow or tackle some specific projects? Or perhaps this is a fresh new team which needs to establish values and a strategic direction? Do various team members want to go down seemingly diverging strategic paths?


Strategic Planning is for groups wanting to look at long term planning, generally 3-5 years. The process can shed light on areas of unspoken concern, generate excitement, reaffirm leadership roles and responsibilities while uncovering new skills and interested among team members.

Typically used to develop long-term goals, usually 3-5 years, Strategic Planning is two days of developing consensus of vision, creating action steps and accepting responsibility for moving forward as a team. The first time we meet is for 2 days followed by 3 quarterly sessions following up and checking in to ensure that implementation is proceeding smoothly and making any trajectory corrections as needed.

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