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expert witness - a person who is permitted to testify at a trial because of special knowledge or proficiency in a particular field that is relevant to the case. -Online Oxford Dictionary

The Full Story

With a unique blend of educational excellence and hands-on experience, I bring a comprehensive skill set as an expert witness services in direct entry midwifery. Holding both a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering, I made a significant transition returning to school to earn an Associate of Science degree in Midwifery from the National College of Midwifery (NCM), a MEAC accredited institution. My journey reached a pivotal milestone in 2010 when I obtained the title of Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) upon passing the exam administered by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). Continuing my commitment to growth, I earned a PhD in Midwifery Research from NCM in 2020.

My expertise extends across diverse settings, encompassing standards of care in out-of-hospital births, including home births and birth center births. I hold licenses as a Midwife (LM) in New Mexico, Texas, and Virginia, underpinning my proficiency in adhering to regional regulations and best practices. My dedication to comprehensive care is further underscored by my certification as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) since 2010.

Recognizing the importance of ongoing education, I completed the Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) training presented by the American Academy of Family Practitioners, demonstrating my commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in the field. My contributions extend to the realm of literature, as evidenced by the authorship of two books, "Experienced Doula: Advanced Skills for Hospital Doulas" and "Many Paths, One Journey: Becoming a Certified Professional Midwife".

Continuously guided by a holistic approach, I have not only honed my clinical competencies but also sought training as a Circle of Security and Technology of Participation Facilitator, emphasizing my dedication to fostering supportive and well-rounded experiences for all involved. As an expert witness, I leverage this extensive background to provide valuable insights and informed perspectives on matters pertaining to direct entry midwifery, ensuring a comprehensive and knowledgeable approach that is rooted in academic achievement and practical wisdom.


Fee: $250/hr plus travel expenses and daily testimony rate.

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